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Carnatic Music Lessons

One of the most commonly associated musical system of the Southern part of India is the CARNATIC MUSIC.It is believed that the origin of Classical music is from the Hindu God and Godesses.The saints Purandharadasa ( 15th century A.D.) , Thyagarajar , Shyama Saastri ( all of 18th century A.D.) ,contributed a lot for the carnatic music and left an enduring legacy of compositions. This tradition has a rich heritage and is perfectly attuned with Indian culture and religion.The 22 scale note is the basis of Carnatic music and for the western classical music the basic ic 12 notes. An unique combination of these notes and swaras evolves seperate raagaas.

                             By the 16th and 17th centuries, there was a clear demarcation between Carnatic and Hindustani music.Purandara Dasa, who is known as the father (Pithamahan) of Carnatic Music, formulated the system that is commonly used for the teaching of Carnatic music. Venkatamakhin invented and authored the formula for the melakarta system of raga classification in his Sanskrit work, the Chaturdandi Prakasika (1660 AD).Govindacharya is known for expanding the melakarta system into the sampoorna raga scheme the system that is in common use today.

The important elements of carnatic music are

  1. Shruthi.
  2. Swaram.
  3. Raagam.
  4. Thaalam.
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